COO Andres Dielingen


COO Andres Dielingen

Perfil: Comunicador Social y Magister en Mercadeo con un sin fin de creatividad y experiencia 360º en el negocio.

Perfil: I’ve always been inspired in how new technologies, media and marketing change and shape the world, reason why I decided to pursue an Integrated Marketing career.

With more than 13 years working in the digital industry, I’ve had the experience to work in many fields for brands from different categories, giving me a 360 degree scope of the business, understanding the key concepts and insights to develop successful digital marketing strategies that drive change and growth.

I am a future maker, that’s why my work motto is to never be afraid to take risks, learn from others, think outside the box, pass along my knowledge and develop strategies that change the way brands engage with the world.

Experiencia: Cuando de digital se trata, Andrés lo ha hecho todo.Con más de 13 años en la industria y experiencia en otros mercados, ha transformado la manera en que las marcas se conectan con sus consumidores con su amplio conocimiento en Data, Medios Digitales, Marketing de Contenidos y Estrategia


    • Adidas
    • HBO
    • Cinemax
    • Warner Bros Pictures
    • Mercado Libre
    • Netflix
    • Playstation
    • PGA Tour
    • Diageo®, Pernod Ricard®
    • Nestlé®


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