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General Objective

Develop a growth marketing strategy for the Cívico Ciudadanos platform that integrates all the elements of its digital ecosystem, as well as their respective campaigns in order to achieve the objectives of reach, positioning, generation of downloads and transactions.

The above in order to encourage demand in local businesses affiliated to the platform.

Growth media plan

Ecosystem structure and distribution of budgets and benefits.

Advertising Budget And Benefits



General Objective

Create email marketing campaigns for each of the audiences, generating content of interest that attracts and encourages the download of the application, and then generate loyalty and transactions.


First Phase:

  • Make a first shot to the existing user base and merchants, to communicate the update of the application and its new utility, in addition to communicating the benefit they could get for their first transaction.
  • Carry out a re-engagement shot for people without interaction. 
  • Send a communication to merchants with the intention of motivating them to make the purchase with the benefit.

Second Phase:

With the database that is being built, perform simple triggers to incentivize repurchase with merchant campaigns and their products or services. 

Social Media

General Objective

Create the positioning campaign of Cívico ciudadanos in social networks to connect audiences with the platform’s businesses; with the objective of encouraging downloads and transactions through the APP. 

Specific Objectives

  1. Define the role and personality of social networks to activate a communication plan that meets the objectives and stages of the project.
  2. Define the frequency of publication and the categories of information of the social networks to be worked on.
  3. Increase the visibility of retail outlets for people (inter-neighborhood).
  4. Generate traffic to the download and subsequent use of the application.


  1. Connect audiences with the businesses around them to encourage purchase and support local commerce.
  2. To reconnect with the current audience to make them aware of Cívico Ciudadanos’ new bet.
  3. Change the mainset of citizens from viewing Civico as a directory and/or citizen complaint to a transactional platform.


  1. Digital channels aligned to the deployment of advertising and automation campaigns with growth hacking strategy.
  2. Digital channels with good rates of followers and interactions, despite the decrease in publications, which once reactivated, will generate organic traffic to the application download.
  3. Segmented product categories to offer citizens what they need and are looking for, encouraging the support of local commerce, the economy of their neighborhood and their city.
  4. Growth of the digital transactions market and dates (love and friendship, Halloween, Christmas) adapted to the “new reality”.
  5. Hyper-connected users to digital channels consuming e-commerce products and/or services throughout the city.


Cívico’s social networks will be the space where specific information will be exposed to citizens to persuade them, make them aware of other possibilities and generate other consumption habits that generate download and use of the app.

In addition, we will take advantage of each network to establish direct contact channels with people within the segment of interest, and thus generate attribution to the generation of leads from the conversational channels of Social Media. 

Each of Cívico’s digital channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube) will have a role:

  • -Facebook will have the role of the guide, the orienteer.
  • -Instagram will be the storyteller
  • -Youtube will be the reporter
  • -Twitter will be an active listening medium 

Our presence in these media will be based on the knowledge we have of the citizen audience, the objectives we have set for the strategy and the message we want to reach new audiences.



  • Hyperconnected
  • high rate of digital transactions
  • seeks information from different sources 
  • quick purchase option


  • 1 or 2 social networks
  • distrust in digital transactions
  • does not understand e-commerce behavior
  • their method of reference is voice-to-voice
  • high abandonment rate


  • Average interaction with social networks
  • Has made digital transactions but its forte is point of sale.
  • Searches for information on the portals of their purchase preferences.
  • the purchase process must be encouraged

Content Pillars

Of Value

  • Meeting needs and solving problems.
  • Natural and understandable language.
  • They seek to build loyalty to our audience because they help them, they contribute and save them the time of searching for this information. 


  • Teach our audience how to use the app. 
  • instruct through guides, step by step, how to.
  • Issues they need to solve.
  • promote the brand.


  • Promote the products and services trend.
  • Highlight the virtues of the products and/or services and their advantages over others.
  • Show benefits to app users.


  • Make followers feel a fun and enjoyable experience.
  • Thought-provoking content or phrases that present a motivational and inspirational touch.
  • Invite interaction or sharing to go viral.

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